Open Wide, Surgeon Simulator Bringing Dentistry To iPad

Ripping someone’s lungs out and tossing them around is lots of fun, we know this from the smash hit Surgeon Simulator. Bossa Studios are taking the concept one step further, and bringing the game to iPad, complete with new dentistry functionality.


We spoke to Bossa at EGX last year, and saw a glimpse of the tablet version of the game. It’s quite good, and doesn’t have a hand on screen as you’ll naturally be using your own instead. This allows for more precise gameplay, and it was with this that Bossa planned to incorporate tooth-based gameplay.

“We’re imagining being able to crack teeth and pulling them out, so that you can do teeth transplants” said the studios’ Luke Williams in our conversation with them last September.

The release will be titled Surgeon Simulation – Malpractise Makes Perfect, as shown in the small teaser trailer above.