New Toukiden DLC Introduces New Weapon Rewards For Slaying Wounded Beasts

There’s some new Toukiden: The Age Of Demons DLC coming tomorrow in the shape of three Additional Missions packs at the cost of 99p each. These mission packs will introduce six new missions and six new weapons that can be created once the objectives have been completed. The packs break down as follows.

Mission Pack 3:

  • In The Thick Of It – Slay a wounded Bladewing while avoiding its shrapnel attacks.
  • Shock & Awe – A group of Oni led by a Hell Warden must be defeated, and they are powered up by lightning.
  • Weapons – Demonlord Sword and Demonlord Bow.

Mission Pack 4:

  • Quadruple Threat – Slay a wounded Nightblade but as the battle continues the player’s advantage starts to fade away.
  • Dance Of 100 Demons – Have to slay 100 Imps within a time limit, though they are strong and can kill you in one hit.
  • Weapons – Demonlord Spear and Demonlord Sickle.

Mission Pack 5: 

  • Grotesque Masquerade – Slay a wounded Jollux which has extra strength.
  • Shadow Spiders – Kill two Bloodhunters which are accompanied by invisible Poisonspitters which can only be seen by using the Eye Of Truth.
  • Weapons – Demonlord Knives and Demonlord Gauntlets.

Source: Toukiden Official Site