Moore: Frostbite Wii U Jokes “Stupid/Unacceptable”

April 1st, though occasionally a good laugh, isn’t always a great day to be a news monkey. The first thing you can expect before finishing your morning cuppa is a healthy dose of PR e-mails. Usually we’ll end up second guessing the first few before checking the date, rolling our eyes, and trudging into the day’s minefield.

Yesterday we saw all sorts of pranks, from Codemasters’ rail/GRID mash-up to Call of Duty’s altered playlists and even a third person VR simulation from the guys at Razer.


Though some will have missed it, one of the more controversial wind-ups was actually one of the simplest: a series of Wii U jokes.

Here’s one of yesterday’s tweets from Frostbite, the game engine developed by Battlefield creators DICE:



Below the belt? Kind of, but it didn’t stop there. Frostbite went on to announce Half-Life 3 exclusively for the Wii U, turning even more heads.

A tongue in cheek gag had developed into a somewhat out-of-place slagging off directed at Nintendo’s newest platform.

The tweets were later pulled, and EA’s Peter Moore has since apologised for Frostbite’s comments:

What do you think? Was Frostbite completely out of order or are just getting a bit to sensitive.



  1. I would’ve gone with ‘runs better with kinect’ and ‘crashes more often because it’s sonys fault’ on top of these just to provide some parity.

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