Introducing TSA’s FIFA 14 World Cup Competition

The World Cup is less than two weeks away and excitement is building. Meanwhile here at TSA we’ve just completed the inaugural Ultimate Team competition which YungJones won – you can read all about the final here. That competition gave us the idea to follow it up with another FIFA 14 competition based around the World Cup, but slightly scaled down from the last one and played with the full national teams instead of Ultimate Team.

The idea is pretty simple; 32 entrants are each randomly assigned one of the nations competing for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and they will then use this nation as their team throughout the tournament. However, anybody enterring who finished in the top 8 in the Ultimate Team tournament will be placed in a pot with the 16 lowest-ranked teams (going off the star ratings in FIFA 14) in an attempt to level the playing field.

In the interests of time, the tournament won’t feature group stages, but will instead go straight to the knockout stages, starting with a Round of 32.

The tournament will be played out on PlayStation 4 and with FIFA 14, lasting for 5 weeks and will pretty much fall in line with the World Cup final in the real world. You’ll only need to be able to play one opponent each week for that 5 week period (if you make it all the way)!

So, we’re looking for 32 entrants who own a PS4 and are committed enough to play one tie per week throughout the period of the World Cup in Brazil.

How to Enter

If you’re interested in entering this competition please stick a message with your PSN ID down in the comments section below making it clear you’re entering the competition. If there are more than 32 entrants spaces will be assigned a first come, first served basis so entrants 33 onwards would be placed on a reserves list in case people pull out. The deadline for getting your entry in will be Sunday June 8th at 6PM BST.

Further details of the competition will be released when all entries are in. If you have any questions or comments about the competition please feel free to stick them in the comments section and we’ll do our best to answer.



  1. Hi, would like to join if poss please, PSN : AH_Erazor

  2. Any update on this tournament yet?

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