WeView Verdict: Resogun

Resogun is a brilliant little game, which came as a surprise for many people who bought their PS4 at launch, and a free surprise at that, with the game being available as part of any PlayStation Plus subscription when it released last November.

But was it good enough, even for free? The general consensus from the TSA community seems to suggest so.


Dom started with “beside Drive Club it was the only game I was genuinely excited about at launch for the PS4”. So, after Driveclub was delayed, it was the only game he was excited for. That’s a lot of pressure on such a small title, and it seemed to pay off – he “played it a heck of a lot for the first month” but soon got caught up in other games.

“It’s a great game, I just didn’t ever want to go back to it after the platinum” said PARKER94!, who explained that although it’s definitely worth playing, it does get a bit boring and repetitive. Tony Cawley said that it was a “good distraction” and “decent enough, just doesn’t offer much depth or longevity for me.”

Lieutenant Fatman was planning to buy the game as soon as it was announced, so was happy to find that it came free with PS+. TSBonyman said: “It’s simply perfect – if you like retro-styled shooters. Like with Super Stardust, this is one of those games that i’ll be dipping into for a blast time and time again.”

It wasn’t the same story for JR however, who did get on well with the game and enjoyed the first few levels, but “wouldn’t have paid to unlock the full game” if it hadn’t been on PS+. Lyts1985 loved Resogun though, saying “It set a very high bar, graphically, for other games to reach for, the soundtrack was fantastic, and the gameplay was sublime.”

“I like what they did; creating a defender clone but with all the bells and whistles (and tiny cubes) that a new gen could offer” said NotSmartEnough, but it didn’t quite reach the heights of Super Stardust HD unfortunately. Bigchrissyc applauded the “easy to pick up but hard to master” gameplay, and would “lap up any DLC they put out”.

“I’ve played it very little since I bought it” said coruscant, who missed the initial PlayStation Plus offering, and couldn’t get into it like Super Stardust, which is really unfortunate. Give it another go, I say! After all, psychobudgie says that “Housemarque do for Defender what they did for Asteroids with Super Stardust.”

Cc_star says that it’s the “best game on the PS4” due to being “visually stunning” and the “fast gameplay” while Nylon_Angel also loves it, describing the gameplay as “fluid” and the looks as “beautiful”.

JustTaylorNow said “It’s beautiful colours on a HD TV are truly a beauty of a thing.” XisTG also had big hopes for the game, and discussed just how good it looked:

The graphics are simply amazing; for a game with so many things happening on screen, it is quite remarkable how I can keep track of (most) things happening. OF course, as with Stardust and Dead Nation, this fast paced game means I won’t be closing my eyelids for minutes on end; never has that old warning about taking a break every hour meant so much to me.

Quite an overwhelmingly positive response for Resogun, then, so let’s see what it comes down to in terms of individual ratings. There was only one Avoid It, two for Sale It, one for Plus It, and eleven votes in total for Buy It. So, if you didn’t get it on Plus at launch, why are you waiting for a sale? Just buy it already!

We’ve got Ratchet & Clank: Nexus coming up tomorrow, but there won’t be a poll this week, as next week is E3 and we’re planning something special for WeView. Exciting, I know.