Hyrule Warriors Wii U Will Be Releasing In The West

Hyrule Warriors is a collabaration title between The legend Of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, due for release on the 26th September this year. It is an action game, where the player fights against an army, with multiple fights occurring on the battlefield at once. As the fight continues, you will be warned which of your forces are in trouble, allowing you to choose where on the field to stand and fight.


Giant bosses will appear, as in the Zelda series, and each will have a special method that can be used to defeat it. This will give fans of the Dynasty Warriors series a new dynamic to think about when playing, rather than only offering a new experience to Zelda fans.

Multiple playable characters can be used, including characters other than Link such as Zelda, Impa and Midna, who will each have unique movesets and styles of play.