In Space We Brawl Will Have You Fighting Your Friends With On PS4 & PS3

Forge Reply has revealed In Space We Brawl, a local multiplayer title, which will be releasing on PS4 & PS3 as a cross-buy title. The game will allow up to four players to enter an arena set in space and go to war with each other in customisable ships. There are eleven ship types, as well as eleven tools of destruction, which means there are over one 100 combinations of destruction. These combinations were inspired by classic beat ’em ups, with each combination having its own strengths and weaknesses.


For example there are fast Pulsar ships that have weak shields, while a Cypher ship is much more powerful but could be slower. Then you have weapons from plasma swords to sniper rifles, each with their owns pros and cons too. There’s no mention of online multiplayer in the blog post, or on the Facebook page, but this could work in that setting too. There is also no confirmed release date for In Space We Brawl either.

Source: PS Blog