Gameplay From Titanfall’s Final DLC Pack Shown In New Trailer

Titanfall has one last map pack on the way, IMC Rising. Like the other packs, it comes with three new maps, and is the final pack included in the season pass. The release date for this pack is set for September 25th for Xbox One and PC so you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on it.

The three new maps included are Backwater, Zone 18, and Sandtrap. Backwater sees pilots navigating through underground storage facilities and across a railway above the ground, while Titans have the open areas outside the rail system and buildings to duke it out. Zone 18 provides players a war zone within a weapons facility that looks to be good for both claustrophobic combat indoors, and long site lines across the rooftops outside. Finally we have Sandtrap, a map that drops players in an IMC facility surrounded by unrefined fuel. It looks like players can use the sides of the unrefined fuel storage to take shortcuts around the map by wall running, but dropping into the fuel itself is probably fatal.

You don’t hear a lot about it these days and we’re still not entirely certain how well it sold, but Respawn have worked diligently to support the game after launch with not only paid DLC packs, but also a variety of other free updates, some of which have added significant new features. If you’re thinking of checking the new map pack out, let us know in the comments which map appeals to you the most.

Source: YouTube