Fenix Rage Confirmed To Release On Vita Next Year Alongside PS4 Launch

Green Lava Studios has announced that it will be bringing platformer Fenix Rage to the Vita. The game was confirmed for a PS4 release earlier this year. The game is described as a 2D hardcore platformer, with that trailer above giving me a few Sonic like vibes, due to both the speed of the character and his design. At the moment the studio is working on gameplay changes for both these console versions over the PC release, and want people to get in touch about what improvements they would like to see.


According to Fenix Rage’s Steam page there are more than 200 levels to navigate through across nine different worlds. Due to the high death rate there is also instant respawning too, with much of the dying coming from the touch of the enemies who will kill you quick. A challenge mode is also present, where the amount of jumps and dashes allowed are limited. Finally, Fenix Rage is currently sitting on an 75 metacritic score, while the user score is a much higher 88. In fact of the 31 reviews, there is only one negative.

Source: PS Blog/Steam