Battlefield 4’s Final Stand Content Gets A Gameplay Trailer

EA has released a trailer for Battlefield 4’s Final Stand DLC, which takes place in some very wintry landscapes. The Final Stand pack will be the last major downloadable content to release for Battlefield 4 as focus shifts to other projects. You have your standard new Cold War rhetoric going on here as the Americans and Russians come to blows, across various locations including a laboratory that houses so more unconventional weaponry.


The first is the hover tank which is exactly what the name implies. Another addition is the Rorsch MK-1 rail gun which has a powerful shot. More familiar types of weaponry and vehicles also appear in the trailer, though one of the highlights is the snowmobile chase between a couple of players. Final Stand will include in it four maps all based in the Arctic. Battlefield 4 Premium members will gain access tomorrow, November 18th, while non-members will have to wait until December 2nd.

Source: Youtube