Lords Of The Fallen 2 In Planning Stages, First Game Coming To Mobile Devices

UPDATE: In an odd move, the game will be coming to iOS and Android devices in 2015 – it’s likely this will be for high-end tablets only, and it’d be interesting to see how they tweak the control system.



Earlier this year Lords Of The Fallen was released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, an action RPG that looked to replicate the style of the Souls’ games. I reviewed the game when it was released and found it largely an average affair with certain bugs that needed addressing. Well Tomasz Gop, the executive producer of Lords, has now confirmed to Eurogamer that a sequel is in the works, though at a very early concept stage.

Since it’s so early there is no indication of when to expect a sequel to Lords Of The Fallen will release, though it is likely it will come to the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Hopefully it will address the problems that the first game had, build on the potential that is there. If done properly Lords could compete properly against the Souls franchise, as well as the likes of Bloodborne if that becomes a running series too. Deck13 and CI Games haven’t announced the sales figures for Lords Of The Fallen, but if a sequel is in the works it must have done well enough to invest in the work needed.

Source: Eurogamer