Watch Us Play Dying Light

Thanks for tuning in and watching Mike and I get through a little bit of Dying Light – and especially to those of you stuck it out through the little technical hiccups we had half way through. We’ll be back and trying to stream more Dying Light in the future, but if you missed out on this stream today and want to watch, just scroll down for the archived videos.

If you’ve been looking forward to Dying Light, you’ll no doubt have been disappointed by the last minute delays that have hit the physical release in Europe, especially for the price conscious among us. On the other hand, it just means that you have more time to sample other people’s opinions and get a feel for how the game has come together.

We’ll be working towards a review over the coming days, with plenty of Zombie heads to bash and quests to complete before we can offer our final verdict. In the here and now though, we’re playing the game and would like to invite you to come and watch us play!

Kicking off at 4PM, myself and Bunimomike will be venturing out onto the streets of Harran during the early parts of the game. I’d also like to say that if you enjoy Mike’s lovely booming Welsh tones, you will occasionally find him on Twitch and YouTube as BigWelshMike.


Watch us below or hop onto Twitch and say hello in the chat!