Minutes Patched, Includes A Cheat To Make The Game Harder

Playstation puzzler Minutes is released in the United States today and there is a new patch which will “make the game more accessible and ensure level progression is smoother.”

“The decision to reduce the difficulty is based on reviews and feedback from players in Europe,” developer Richard Ogden told us. “Across all the reviews I noticed that the degree of frustration did affect the scores, as you would expect. The game has averaged around 8/10 over about 40 reviews so far and it’s not like there’s been a ton of complaints about it or anything but I still wanted to address the issue.”


I gave the original release 8/10 when it arrived on the European PlayStation store but the last ten or so levels are really quite difficult so the patch may be welcome to some gamers.

The patch includes the following:

  • Reduced difficulty with target scores for winning the first and second stars having been lowered
  • Level unlocking will be less linear along with the ability to skip levels
  • Friend leader board bug fix that previously led to game crashes along with additional minor bug fixes

For the hardcore players who want to stick with the game’s original difficulty curve then a cheat will be published on the Red Phantom Games website.

Source: Press Release