Pillar Confirmed To Release On February 18th In Europe For PS4

Michael Hicks has confirmed that his game, Pillar, will be releasing on February 18th for PS4 in Europe, with North America getting it on the 17th. The game is a collection of puzzles that revolves around people’s personalities and nature, from introverts to extroverts. The game’s story focuses around a group of people, all psychologically different, who are searching for the same item. The story itself is told through the mini games.


Pillar has been priced at  €8.99/£7.39/AU$13.45/$7.99 with PS Plus members getting a 10% discount during launch week. Michael stated that the game takes around 5 hours to complete 100%, but he does know it inside out so it may take us a little bit longer to figure out. In the blog post of the release date announcement he also gave a reason to why he chose the price that has been set.

I hope most people find the price to be fair; I struggled with pegging one down. I started working on Pillar in August 2012, and it’s been my life ever since so it’s hard to put a price tag on that. It means the world to just have people play it, but I’m also trying to make a living so I want to charge something that will let me keep doing this full time.

Whether you think the price is fair is up to you. After all we all have different tastes.

Source: PS Blog