Not A Hero Releasing May 7th On PC, Later This Year For PS4 & Vita

Roll7 & Devolver Digital have confirmed that the cover based shooter Not A Hero will release on PC May 7th, with a PS4 & Vita version to follow later this year. The game itself has players control Bunnylord’s campaign manager, who is tasked with cleaning up the city to persuade voters to elect the time travelling anthropomorphic rabbit as the new.


It will be a rather violent affair seemingly taking after the likes of Hotline Miami and Retro City Rampage, but with a side on view instead of top down. Now usually press releases of games are filled with quotes about how excited the developer is to release the game, or how it’ll be a great experience.

Roll7’s John Ribbins decided not to go down that route.

“The Roll7 team really wanted to embrace the indie developer lifestyle by delaying the release of Not A Hero on several occasions for no discernible reason. Unfortunately, we also have a publisher so we have to stop messing around and release it. So, May 7 I guess.”

Source: PR/Youtube