Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Finally Gets Co-Op On PC

Following a large amount of outrage from fans regarding the lack of support for local co-op, Capcom has now added this feature to the PC version of Resident Evil: Revelations 2. The game now officially supports split screen local co-op in both the Campaign and Raid mode. Although anyone can play in split screen co-op, the update is still currently in beta on Steam.

Capcom are asking for positive and constructive feedback to enable them to improve the functionality further. Although the co-op option is not 100% polished, the company wanted to get it into the hands of gamers as quickly as possible.


Here is how you can enable split screen co-op:

  • Campaign Mode – simply press the START button on Player 2 game pad upon entering active gameplay. Ending the game or exiting to the main menu will automatically return to full screen single player mode.
  • Raid Mode – pressing the START button on Player 2 game pad in the Vestibule (the staging area) will activate split-screen mode. Select character, configure your loadout, and select Raid missions as normal. Exiting the Vestibule and backing out to the main menu will automatically end split-screen mode.

For further information on the beta, head to the official announcement.

Source: Steam