Watch Us Play Grand Theft Auto V’s Online Heists

We’ve finished streaming now, and due to many connection errors, it probably wasn’t a very entertaining watch. Still, now you’ve got the full video below to skip through the connecting bits and watch the Heists themselves at your leisure. Well, I think we only managed one of them in this segment…

Grand Theft Auto V’s long-awaited Online Heist update launched today, bringing lengthy four-player co-op missions which can be tightly planned and controlled as you try to get away with heavy amounts of cash.


We’re not quite sure what to expect – this will be our first time playing these – but expect a similar experience to the single player heists. Pop in from 7.30PM as we’ll be streaming live from PS4, and you’ll be able to see for yourself what these heists entail. It’s likely that we’ll be playing for a good few hours as we make our way through the new content.

I’ll be joined by a few friends from the TSA community including Wick15, Comissar_Dave, and ShadowAllan. You can watch using the embedded stream below, or head on over to our Twitch channel to watch and comment!