[UPDATE] PlayStation Store Listing Reveals Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection

UPDATE: Naughty Dog seem to be taking the mistake in good spirits, looks like we will get the full details in the next day or so.


UPDATE 2: Naughty Dog has confirmed that the collection is real, and it will launch October 7th in North America and October 9th in the UK. Bluepoint Games will be handling the ports & an announcement trailer has also been released. The campaigns have been remastered to run in 1080p and 60fps.The collection will contain the main three console releases, with Vita exclusibe Uncharted: Golden Abyss not making the cut.

Buying the collection will also grant players access to the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End multiplayer beta. According to the US pre-order page on the official site this will be a full priced release, coming in at $59.99. If you are in the UK, the pre-order price is £49.99 , anyone who does so will get the following bonsuses:

• Seven single-player skins reliving some of Drake’s most iconic outfits.
• A golden AK47 and a golden 92FS pistol.
• A PS4™ dynamic theme.


It is unclear whether the multiplayer will make the cut, but according to the current packshot it looks like only the single player campaigns will be coming to the new generation.


According to Amazon the collection will have a photo mode too, allowing players to take pictures of all the games and capture all the action.

Original Story

Some eagle-eyed users on the PlayStation Store in the US have spotted a banner for Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection. There has been no confirmation yet from Naughty Dog about the collection, but the inclusion of this on the store may point towards an imminent announcement.


Given the amount of remasters that have been releasing on the PlayStation 4, and the release on Uncharted 4 early next year, it comes as no surprise that this collection may be just around the corner. It would make sense for the collection to release in the run up to Christmas this year, plugging what is quite a sizeable hole in the PS4 release schedule. Is this a good move? Or is there further evidence of remaster fatigue setting in?

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  1. YES! I’ll take that as confirmed then… Fingers crossed for xmas 2015!

  2. Zzzz next. Remasters are getting so old especially with many being so lazy and contracted to 4th rate developers. The start of this generation as been so miserable.

    • I think Bluepoint are doing this one, they did the excellent PS4 flower port, and the uncomfortably impressive (for respawn and Microsoft) Titanfall 360 job.

      • Nice of true!

      • *if

      • Don’t get my hopes up like this, I love Bluepoints work and if this is by someone else other than them or ND I’ll be sad now!

  3. Cool, I’d be tempted by this. Also, how do all these leaks happen? I can’t believe for a second that staff can remain tight lipped and yet someone pushes the button too early and an ad, Amazon listing or screenshot gets outed early. It must be deliberate!

    • Deliberate marketing maybe, a leak is more romantic and exciting than a press release I suppose.

      And leaking is a cultural thing now after wikileaks, Snowden et al. It’s what all the cool kids do.

      • Good point! Maybe I’m just a grumpy old bastard but I don’t like the pretence that goes with the leaks.

  4. Own all of them, have only played the first. I keep meaning to do so. Might hold out for these remastered copies if they’re anything like The Last of Us remastered.

  5. I’ve never played these games but based on the awesomeness of The Last of Us, I’d say this is as good a reason as any to give um a punt. An almost definite purchase for me – should keep me busy til Xmas and beyond!

  6. You really need to add to the opening post that there is no online multiplayer wit any of the collection, it is just the single player campaigns that are in the collection although if you preorder you get access to U4 MP.

  7. Yeah, Sony can shove it up their arses as the price is taking the piss. I’ve heard that all you get with the collection is the story and whilst i love Uncharted, i wouldn’t pay £50 for 3 remastered games and for a beta. I own both UC2 and 3 so there is virtually no benifit for me to get it when i get a PS4 as i can use the PS3 to play them.

    I wonder if Golden Abyss is excluded as ND or Sony feel that it’s not worth anything in terms of the plot or if they just don’t want to remake it from scratch via Bluepoint games?

    • Could be, the reason they aren’t including Golden Abyss is because they wanted to keep the price down so folks wouldn’t complain.. ;P
      Seriously though, possibly due to cost, possibly due to the fact that it was developed for the Vita hardware exclusively (and knowing ND they probably exploited every quirk of the hardware to achieve their goal), possibly becasue the action wouldn’t have the same impact on a big screen, possibly because all the assets would have to be scaled up from the limitations set by the Vita hardware in order to compare favourably alongside the other games on a big screen.. i don’t know, i’m just guessing.

  8. Shuhei Yoshida has said on twitter it is sp only. I hope they bring the f2p uncharted multiplayer over too. That would be nice for some casual play.

  9. I hope they keep the 3D option that was in Drake’s Deception.

    That was an amazing showcase.

  10. An all new set of trophies…Oh dear God, that crushing difficulty on Drakes Fortune might just prove too much a second time around, I’m in :P

    • I think I struggled more with parts of U3 on crushing than I did with the others.

      At least in the first two games, enemies stayed behind cover for the most part like normal human beings. In U3, not only are enemies bullet sponges, but they leave cover during a 10 on 1 shootout and walk towards you like The Terminator with no regard for their own lives.

      So many situations in U3 where enemy AI display unrealistic behaviour. Enemies wandering around a huge mansion engulfed in flames trying to kill you. Huge ocean liner is sinking, water flooding the cargo bay as the ship starts to list and 8-10 hired goons stick around trying to kill you instead of running for their lives. Those teleporting halucinations were a pain on crushing too. Ugh. Forgot how much I disliked the third one.

      • the third one was awful. its the Batman Arkhum Origins of the Uncharted franchise. i’m looking at Uncharted 4 as the true Uncharted 3.

      • The third game was tragically bad for all those reasons. Played it, deleted it. The only good thing about it was the graphics which are probably the best I’ve seen on the PS3.

      • Yeah, It had some amazing set pieces and was the same high standard we expect from ND on a visual/technical level but it’s my least favourite of the three by a mile. For so many reasons…

        Death wish/bullet sponge enemies.
        Flashbacks which add nothing to the story.
        Ditching main characters (Chloe) half way through the story who are never mentioned again.
        Weird spiders that are never explained.
        Your name isn’t really Drake??? Never explained.
        Cruise liner level for no reason.
        Enemies pinpoint your exact location the moment you fire a shot from cover.
        Hallucination sequences.
        Slow walking around a market.
        Slow walking around a Desert for what feels like six hours.
        Awful villain. Most pointless death ever.
        Same ending as the second game.

        And probably so many more reasons I can’t think of on the spot.

      • For me it was as though they did such a brilliant job with the graphics and presentation that they forgot to make a game in the middle of it. I seem to remember there wasn’t any proper gameplay until 1-2 hours in. Everything up to then was walking with a bit of platforming. And then from there, it was just constant frustration for all the reasons you mentioned.

        The enemies above all were annoying. Who takes an entire AK magazine’s worth of bullets and decides not to die. What douches. Hopefully they’ll have learned all of it with U3 was crap, and they won’t make the same mistake with U4.

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