Wayward Sky & Godling Announced For Project Morpheus

Morpheus’ presence at Sony’s conference last night was surprisingly light, with not much revealed for the PS4’s next major peripheral. However, there are games coming for it, and two more have been announced today. These are Godling from Solfar Studios, and Wayward Sky by Uber entertainment, with both exploring the realm of virtual reality in their own ways, though of course neither has a release date since Morpheus’ street date is still unknown.


Godling puts players in the role of a toddler god, who is discovering the world for the first time. There will be quite a bit of exploration to do in this world, but that won’t be all. Since you play a god you’ll have access to powers that allow you to add to the world, or destroy whatever displeases you. Players can truly be the masters of their domain, using Morpheus and a Dualshock 4 to experiment with the powers of a powerful deity.

Wayward Sky is being promoted as a game that will ease players into the VR experience, with the gameplay being described as look & click. The game will be in third person but switches to first person when solving puzzles. Considering the game is being designed as an introduction to VR it doesn’t look too tasking. The story of the game places players in the shoes of Bess who, along with her father, crashes onto a floating fortress. Bess’ father gets taken and it is up to her to find him.

Source: PS Blog/Youtube