Video: Plotting And Manipulating Your Rise To Power In Gremlins, Inc.

We might have initially planned to play nice and gang up on the dumb AI we had as an opponent in our game of Gremlins, Inc. but it wasn’t very long before Dave and I were stabbing each other in the back and trampling all over the other’s plans for success.

That’s really the beauty of the digital board game, in that even the best laid plans can crumble beneath you, that you can go from a losing position to a winning one in an instant, and that it so very often affects the grand machinations of your opponents. The initially messy looking board pushes you to head in an anti-clockwise direction, as you sacrifice card strategically to more a certain number of places, while holding onto the more powerful card in your hand that can be used to your advantage from certain locations, but there’s always potential slip ups and pratfalls for you to stumble into.


You’ll be gunning for the Astral Plain and end up getting banged up in prison for a few turns, you’ll garner enough votes to win an election to become Governor, only to be mired in scandal and see a snap election called. It works well with two players playing, supported by AI characters or not, but with up to six players – I erroneously said four in the video – it will be absolute madness.

With the game having gone into Early Access this week, there’s still a lot of polish to be lavished upon it, from improving the workmanlike tutorial to the sounds that accompany the gameplay, but the core game and the supporting artwork is already in place and there’s plenty of fun to be had. The only thing that’s really missing is a local pass and play mode – Dave and I played online, while chatting away on Skype – though this would be tricky to add in, given the exceedingly secretive nature of the game. However, with a physical version of the board game planned once the PC version is completed some time early next year, a tangential card game and the developers hoping to create mobile versions in the future, there will eventually be plenty of options available to people.

For more on the game and its utterly devious gameplay, be sure to check out our preview from Gamescom.