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Tharsis, Masquerada, And Xing: Land Beyond Announced For PS4

A trio of new games have been announced for PlayStation 4, the first being turn-based sci-fi strategy game, Tharsis. The plot finds you investigating a mysterious signal emanating from the planet Mars. Details on the game are scarce but the developers say it is “a complex, systems-heavy game.”

Next up is Masquerada, an RPG inspired by Baldur’s Gate, Neverwinter Nights, and Dragon Age. However, it is breaking the mould by not having an inventory system or a traditional experience point system.

And finally we have a gorgeous first person puzzle game, Xing: The Land Beyond.

“Imagine walking up to a gravestone, reading the inscription and then being transported through space and time to where a defining moment of that person’s life took place,” writes Koriel Kruer, Co-founder & Developer at White Lotus Interactive.

“The story is told through the environments you explore, the mysterious messages you encounter, and scattered poetry spoken in the voices of those long past.”

Source: PlayStation Blog 1 /2 / 3