What We Played #239: XCOM 2, Unravel And The Division

Well that’s another working week in the book, with those glorious two days of restfulness mere hours away. Unless of course if you work in the service industry. In which case please disregard the word ‘restfulness’ and replace with ‘soul-crushing labour’. Hopefully, no matter what your work/life balance is, you’ll find some time for a spot of gaming, and we’ve managed at least a little bit in the past seven days.

Dave’s been fighting his way through some tough boss battles in Bravely Second, as well as making a start on XCOM 2 which he’ll be reviewing for us shortly – in the meantime,here’s his early impressions. Meanwhile he’s not been able to get onto the Xbox One as his fiancee Charlie is well and truly hooked on Fallout 4, and the lore of the terminals.

I’m not convinced that the gym is a game, but if classifying it as that helps Tuffcub to level up then who am I to argue? In actual game-y game terms he finished Life Is Strange and apart from a few misgivings about the narrative he still felt that it was a superb game. It’s certainly very different from the gym, as there’s no way you’d rewind that and immediately have another go.

Adam managed to pick up Black Ops III for a bargain price, and has since been mostly sinking his time into the somewhat disappointing single player campaign. Fortunately though he thinks that the multiplayer has some of the best maps seen in any Call Of Duty, so he shouldn’t be feeling too short-changed.

It seems as though Miguel is simply wiling away the hours waiting for games he genuinely wants to play, with Fire Emblem Fates, Street Fighter V and Firewatch all firmly within his sights. Meanwhile he’s been keeping busy with the online modes of Nitroplus Blasterz, and getting back into the phenomenal Monster Hunter 4, so it’s not all bad.

Aran is preparing for a month-long trip, and hence hasn’t found too much time for gaming, though he’s still managed to squeeze in the review for Amazing Discoveries In Outer Space which should be with us next week. It sounds as though there’ll be plenty of time on the flights for a spot of PS Vita, and maybe he’ll get to add to 2016’s completion tally!

Our illustrious leader Tef entered the apocalyptic world of The Division beta, where he managed to put in a lot of time before they shut the servers back down this past Tuesday, though undoubtedly after arguably finding the best beanie hat. He also made videos for The Division and Unravel, and it’s here that most of time seems to be going at the moment, though that didn’t stop him also pumping out articles on Not A Hero and Gravity Rush Remastered as they hit PS4.

Perhaps this week will let him finish up with Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo, XCOM 2 and put some more time into the “lovely” new Zombie map from Black Ops 3, but with yet more deadlines looming he’s not totally sure. At least it’s not a boring life…

Kris popped in to let us know he’s been playing Lifeline on iOS, as well as the very enjoyable Hacknet, which is apparently a bit like Uplink, “but more realistic and story focussed”. Which is nice.

Meanwhile, Jim – like Tef – has been busying himself with The Division and Unravel. Having enjoyed his initial foray into the plagued streets of Manhattan, he was quick to wipe the beta from his PlayStation 4 as not to spoil himself before the game’s launch next month. In doing so, he’s been able to put several hours into the gorgeous Unravel which he likens both Flower and Journey. Although there’s been no more Witcher this week, he’s been dipping back into The Witness, while also taking part in a FIFA 16 house league which he is somehow winning!

As for me, I’ve been playing and watching all things Naruto, beginning the anime again, as well as playing Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 followed by reviewing Ultimate Ninja Storm 4! It’s a fantastic series, and the Ninja Storm games go to great lengths to capture the look and feel of it. If you’ve never tried it I heartily recommend you check it out!

Along with Naruto I also played the opening portion of Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, and you can check out my early thoughts here. The remainder of my gaming time has been split between working towards the close of Rise Of The Tomb Raider, enjoying The Division beta, and spending a few more moments with Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon before my review appears next week!

But enough about us – what have you been playing?



  1. Oops hit reply the comment rather then my comment ah well…. time to play Gears anyway

    • Lol i was thinking what a strange reply to Move’s enquiry :D,Tales from the Borderlands may well be my favorite of the Tell Tales series.

  2. Mostly Fallout 4 but also had time to check out the plus content and a few more.
    NomnomGalaxy seems ok, i liked how the buzzblade operated and wished Terraria worked the same but ultimately i think the gameplay would take up too much of my limited gaming time.
    Helldivers was alright, i played the tutorial and a handful of levels but it didn’t grab me the way Dead Nation did.
    Nova 111 was a pleasant surprise, i found myself liking that and played the first two ‘worlds’ although it’s getting a bit trickier in the third one.
    I had another few unsuccessful runs at Binding of Isaac and loaded up LBP3 for cam_manutd’s challenge (which is quite the challenge) and also found a beautiful Limbo-esque user-level called Echoes which i recommend checking out.
    And lastly.. no wait that was it.

  3. Fallout 4, dying alot, but making steady progress.

    SW Battlefront, cleaning up the easier trophies (at 65% now). With a couple of the trophies still being glitched I don’t think I will play much more.

    Preordered Far Cry Primal today, partially after the good coverage on here.

  4. I’m still playing through the very first Assassins Creed, as I decided I’d need to catch up on this.
    By now, I’ve absolutely learnt to hate this game, it is beyond me how crap game design like that could ever have led to a franchise as big as this. Unbelievable. I’m so so sorry I’ve bought almost all of these when they were cheap, as I’m very close now to throwing 2, 3 and 4 into a bin straight away, I’m so annoyed by this game.

    • Sorry for my rant last night, this game really got me close to throwing my controller at the wall, which hasn’t happened for quite a while. It’s not all bad in the game, otherwise I wouldn’t have played it almost to the end, and I’ll probably try the sequels in the hope they’ve learnt something after the first one.

      • Assassin’s creed 2 is a great game, Brotherhood is good, Revelations is ok, 3 was a struggle as I got bored after a couple of hours. Haven’t played the rest.

    • They improve a lot after the first game. Mechanics change, and the story gets a lot better than the repetitive eavesdrop, steal, assassinate missions. AC2 was my favorite, and the whole Ezio trilogy is brilliant if I look back over it.

      Persevere and you won’t regret it!

      • Ok, thanks for your replies, I’ll keep at it. :o)

  5. Managed to get a few rounds of Battlefront in, nearly at level 25 but can’t wait for some DLC! Also on the commute tried out Lemmings Touch & Nihilumbra – I don’t criticise Playstaton Plus as I end up playing games like Nihilumbra that is never buy but are great.

  6. Been getting stuck into American Truck Simulator this week. The improvements over ETS2 aren’t quite the step forward I was expecting, but it’s definitely one of those games that’s going to grow and mature with time.

  7. Haven’t really played anything these past 2 weeks thanks to, quite possibly, the worst cold of my life followed by a wonderful dose of sinusitis :-( I’ve never had sinusitis before and had no idea it could be so painful! A bullet would have been pretty welcome earlier this week!

    I did manage to make a start on Grim Fandango (don’t see what the fuss is all about – so bloody painfully boring!) and I picked up Need for Speed in the EA sale yesterday, which seems quite enjoyable considering some of the negative reviews. Glad I bought it anyway :-)

    No achievements to speak of this week – unless convincing the doc to give me antibiotics in this day and age counts!

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