Ubisoft Reveal Werewolves Within, A Social Multiplayer VR Game

Ubisoft are really embracing the experimental side of what VR gaming can offer us, first with their interesting Eagle Flight game and now with Werewolves Within, an online multiplayer game that brings to mind a number of party games from my childhood, such as Wink Murder.


With the headset on, you’re transported to the medieval village of Gallowston, which has unfortunately become infested with werewolves. The villagers gather each night to try and figure out who among them is the werewolf, with the VR positional tracking and voice detection used to portray motions and actions in the game.

You can, for example, lean over to the person next to you and whisper in their ear, stand up to start a monologue and use this to try and convince other players of your innocence or another person’s guilt. It’s a fascinating idea and one I’m eager to see how it works.

In terms of platforms, none have been confirmed beyond saying that it will come to “major VR platforms” this autumn.

Source: press release