Paradox Announce Stellaris’ May 9th & Hearts Of Iron IV’s June 6th Release Dates

Sometimes you wait for what feels like hours and then two buses come at once. Paradox Interactive are pulling the exact same trick, but with their particular brand of grand strategy games. The excellent looking space-bound Stellaris set to release on May 9th and the long awaited WW2 game, Hearts of Iron IV, out on June 6th.

Hearts of Iron IV is the more traditional and familiar for Paradox fans – it’s the fourth game in the series, after all – with a historical setting and the ability to lead and micromanage your country through World War II. Either trying to follow the path of history and simply do better, or trying to forge your own and unique route through one of the most turbulent periods humanity has ever faced.


Check out our time with the game’s multiplayer from last year.

Stellaris, on the other hand, is a new frontier for Paradox. Their grand strategy games tend to be based in history, but this is pure science fiction. As a civilisation, you manage to blast off into space to explore the stars, but what you find out there can be different each time you play. There’s procedurally generated galaxies full of similarly ambitious alien races, but as the trailer from GDC shows, there’s always plenty of political nuance to a situation beyond simply sending fleets to invade.

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Source: Paradox Interactive YouTube