Chronicle: RuneScape Legends Gets A Full Release On May 26th

Jagex’s take on the digital card game is quite unlike the others in the market, but it’s partly because of this that I found it so fascinating when I played it. After a relatively short open beta window, it’s now ready for a full Steam release, which is set for May 26th.

The full Steam release will see the debut of a new ranking system and rewards, but there’s already been a steady stream of new content, from card based on RuneScape Old School to the upcoming sixth legend, Morvran the Slayer Master.

But why wait until the full release? The open beta is still running – accessible via RuneScape’s site – and Jagex want to get as many people through the door as possible. That’s why anyone who plays the game between now and the end of Sunday 15th May will receive three card packs to help bolster their decks.

Source: press release


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