Battlefield 4 Final Stand DLC Is Free Until May 24th

As part of EA’s marketing campaign trail in the run up to Battlefield 1, they’re trying to get people back into playing the series with a nice freebie for all of those with Battlefield 4. The Final Stand DLC is being made free for anyone to download until May 24th.

With Battlefield 1’s historical setting, it’s lightly ironic that this is the chosen DLC pack, as it features some of the most futuristic tech seen in the series since Battlefield 2142. In fact, it was seen by many as a kind of stepping stone to that far future entry in the series, with a few little easter eggs and teasers pointing toward the titans that were such a big part of that game.


Grab it here for PlayStation 4 and here for PlayStation 3.

It’s all part of the Road to Battlefield 1 promotion, which saw the Dragon’s Teeth expansion going free a few weeks ago, and will continue to see expansions for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield: Hardline being made free over the coming weeks and months. So if you want more Battlefield maps, keep your eyes peeled.

Update: Turns out that Dragon’s Teeth for BF4 and Robbery for BF Hardline are both still free on the EU PS Store for both PS4 and PS3, quite a bit after their initial freebie period. It’s possible the same is true elsewhere, but we can’t check right this second.

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Source: Battlefield, via Gamespot

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