New Map For Unreal Tournament Is Bloody, Gorgeous

It’s been a little while since we last checked up on Unreal Tournament. For those in the dark, it’s the latest online shooter from Epic Games and can be seen as somewhat of a reimagining for its flagship fragging franchise. Completely free to download and play, Unreal Tournament is pursuing a collaborative development path between the studio and its community. Eventually, Epic plans on opening an in-game marketplace where creators and modders can sell their own user-made content to other players.

Meanwhile, work is being carried out to tighten the online gameplay while giving fans more to see and interact with. As part of this week’s update, Epic unveiled “Underland” a new DM (Deathmatch) map brought to life in Unreal Engine 4.
Underland Final


Richoteting a slavo of sci-fi rockets and lasers off ancient architecture is pretty much UT’s bread and butter. Underland firmly adheres to these design principles, all the while wowing onlookers with a photorealistic finish.

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