Art Of Balance And Score Rush Extended Head To PS4 Next Week

Shinen has announced that it will releasing it’s balancing puzzle game Art Of Balance on PS4 next week, with 200 challenges included within. The game supports both online and local multiplayer where you can compete with others to solve puzzles in the fastest time, or topple over towers. A demo for the game will be available alongside the full launch on June 3rd.


If you fancy something more fast paced and bullet hell like then Xona Games’ Score Rush Extended may be for you. The game releases on June 2nd and is a widescreen shoot em’up which can support up to four players both online and locally. Each of these players has the options of controlling two ships as enemies come in.

The game will run at 60fps and feature a boss rush mode, where all enemies are just the bosses. You can compete against other teams online too, either alone or with partners.

Source: PS Blog

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