Experience The Brutal Combat Of For Honor In Two Epic Trailers

After it’s announcement at last year’s E3 it’s with little surprise that Ubisoft took to the stage this year and brought us a bevy of information and gameplay on it’s forthcoming alternate history epic For Honor. Creative Director Jason Vandenberghe did his best to emphasise the drama and the atmosphere that Ubisoft Montreal have aimed to achieve.

The game’s story bears out from a cataclysmic event, leaving warriors from three distinct groups – The Chosen, The Legions, and The Warborn – to fight over the remaining lands and resources. The fighting has carried over for a millennia, all seemingly manipulated by the intimidating Apolleon, who ensures that peace simply never comes.


The gameplay video showcases some of the epic warfare, and while there may be some shared DNA from other properties here – Ryse, Viking: Battle For Asgard, the Musou series – it looks brutal and engaging. How the game controls is liable to make or break the experience, but visually it’s looking very promising indeed.

For Honor releases on 14th of February 2017, possibly making it the perfect Valentines Day gift. In the meantime though you can register for a chance to access both the Alpha and Beta tests in the following months.

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