Metroid Prime: Blast Ball Is Out Now On 3DS For Free

Metroid Prime: Federation Force might not seem to be the game that fans have been wanting to appear next in the Metroid Prime series. You play a Federation Marine, instead of Samus Aran, fighting your way through missions across ten different planets in co-op.

It’s all backed up by a mode called Blast Ball, a football-like 3v3 multiplayer mode, but maybe a better comparison might be Rocket League, as you run around in bulky mechsuits while battling over the ball. There are a few extra power ups to be grabbed, letting you get a little more offensive as you play.


That side of the Federation Force has just been released on the eShop separately, with any and all 3DS owners able to go and download it for the princely sum of, well, absolutely nothing! So, if you fancy giving it a go, there’s practically nothing stopping you.

via Eurogamer

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