What We Played #263 Furi, Dangerous Golf & Pokémon Go

So here we are once more, at the gateway to the weekend, and it seems like a good time for reflection, remembrance and re-evaluation – of what games we’ve been playing. Clearly, this is not the most important question of the week, no, that is probably how come they chose Sam Allerdyce over Steve Bruce? Or perhaps it’s the question whether that whole £25 to vote for the Labour leadership was in fact a cynical cash-in so that Jeremy Corbyn’s enemies can take one last shot of other people’s money before they’re ejected from the party. No! Wait! The most important question is how much extra cash must you have lying around for a taxi-powered Pokémon Go tour to seem like a good idea?

Anyway, we’ll stick with that first question about what we we played, and boy, did we play some games! Personally I’ve been playing I am Setsuna which is thus far a lovely classically-styled RPG, Dangerous Golf which is as much of a blast as I’d expect from the Burnout alumni, as well as a few bouts of Hawken which is a loveable, if shonky, mech-battler that may be more enjoyable than Titanfall depending on your point of view. It’s free anyway so that must mean it’s good – and that I have money for a Yorkie bar with my lunch. Seemingly I’m also one of the few people that has found Pokémon Go fairly pointless and dull in the long run, and would much rather just play Omega Ruby in the park.

Jim thankfully dropped in to let us know what he’s been up to;

This week I’ve been split across four games. As ever, I’ve been dipping into Uncharted 4’s multiplayer for my daily dose. My backlog crusade, meanwhile, had me digging up L.A. Noire which, although impressive on a technical scale, is plagued with bad core game design.

Surprisingly, most of my gaming has been done via mobile. Having finally upgraded, my iPhone 6 is more than capable of running games my old 4s simply couldn’t hack. I won’t bore you with my Pokémon Go adventures, especially due to it taking a back seat. Instead, I’ve been more immersed in King of Thieves, a crafty little platformer which has players steal gems from one another in a series of challenging user-created dungeons.

While it’s not really a game, TC has been “playing a very long game of that thing where you let planes take off and land”. I know that he means he’s been flying on a jet plane to the island paradise of Hawaii, but if you didn’t know you could assume that he’s either an air traffic controller, or a plane spotter. In fact, yes, he’s actually just sat in the Heathrow Wetherspoons watching the planes coming in, and going out again. He’ll be back in a month!

Aran played the console port of Kerbal Space Program which, despite all the time spent with it, still feels like he’s only just scratched the surface. On top of that his play-through of Sleeping Dogs is making him want to visit Hong Kong just to experience the city in real life, which perhaps he could tie into his other game of the week, the ubiquitous Pokémon Go.

It’s safe to say that Kris  isn’t having the most interesting of weeks, but at least there’s an upside;

I’ve mostly been sitting in a waiting for Jury Service, which has been very boring. The only upside is that the waiting room is right on top of a Pokestop, allowing me to play Pokemon Go. That Pokestop also regularly has a Lure set on it, which has been helping to boost me a fair bit! There’s also a Gym down the road, which I’ve been trying to take when I escape for lunch each day. So there you go, Pokemon Go will help you survive the tedium of waiting around while on Jury Service.

Despite being swamped with work Jake has also played Pokémon Go, if nothing else, as has Dave who is very nearly about to be wed! His play-throughs of Wind Waker and Demon’s Souls may therefore not see much movement over the coming weekend – unless he’s very very brave.

Miguel has returned from Japan, though he used the travel time to good effect with Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies before settling in for some Furi and Overwatch in the comfort of his own home! Adam only played one game this week, Furi, and in one word he’s summed it up gracefully and succinctly; “shit”.

Tef has also been one of those people for whom Pokémon Go has really sunk its claws in;

So there’s been quite a lot of Pokemon Go this week. I’ve had a few game events, so have made good use of my trips into the centre to catch a ton of Pokemon and check into a bunch of Pokestops. I caught three Squirtle just walking through Green Park for five minutes each way!

One of those events was for Deus Ex Go which you can read about already and is looking lovely, the others I’ll be talking about soon.

I also plugged away at Pokemon Alpha Sapphire when the Go servers were down, and am nearing the end. That was joined by some local Alienation coop on the weekend, delved into the latest Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 map pack, and reviewed VR adventure The Assembly (sans VR) and Zombie Night Terror, which is a great mash up of Lemmings and the undead.


Sorry, that was a tad aggressive; What have you played?

I’m not sure I like that either.

Just write about the games you remember. Down there. Yeah. In that white box.



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  1. Taken a break from Dragon’s Dogma and after many years of not playing it, MGS4. Excellent movie. Kojima did get carried away with the cutscenes but well, he had to tie up most loose ends and is excellent! Just like i remembered. However, it turns out i’m a bit crap at stealth. :( At the rate i’m going, i’ll probably finish the game soon. Also, KONAMI DIDN’T INFORM ANYONE ABOUT EXTRAS BEING TAKEN DOWN! BASTARDS! #MEGAFUCKKONAMI

  2. Mostly been playing Mirrors Edge: Catalyst and I’m enjoying it but running from one end of the map to reach the next mission marker and then having to run all the way back to the other side of the map to actually start the mission is getting a bit tedious. You can fast travel but it’s locked until you Complete a nearby Gridnode. Other than that its ok. I like it more than the first game but I only played a few hours before giving up.

    Oh and Toy Story 3 and Lego Avengers on the Vita with my 5 yo Nephew who now wants a Vita for Christmas.

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