Adam Boyes Becomes Iron Galaxy’s CEO

A few weeks ago Adam Boyes announced he was leaving Sony and his post of VP of Third Party Productions to return to the game development scene. Well his transition from Sony to a new company has been rather quick as Adam Boyes is now the CEO of developer Iron Galaxy. The studio has worked on games like Divekick and assisted with Bioshock Infinite and Destiny. It was also the studio that was tasked with porting Batman: Arkham Knight to PC, which didn’t meet expectations. Most notable it the work on Killer Instinct for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Adam Boyes spoke about the move to VentureBeat.


“Making games has always been a passion of mine. Looking at the huge experience that Iron Galaxy has, I thought about how I [could] take my experience and amplify that.”

Iron Galaxy’s David Lang is no longer CEO but he isn’t leaving the company.

Source: VentureBeat

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