Steep Gets a New Gamescom Trailer

Steep is an open-world extreme sports game which mixes up the various extreme sports that you can simulate within the open-world environment of the mountains. The game is published by Ubisoft and the company attended Gamescom to showcase the following trailer to showcase some of the cool things to expect when trying the different extreme sports and game options:


Ubisoft previously explained that pre-ordering the game will get players a Moonlight Pack, which includes the following equipment:

  • Three extra night challenges
  • Three new night outfits
  • Glowing equipment for each activity (ski, snowboard, wingsuit and paraglide)
  • Wingsuit Sparkle Flare

Ubisoft has also clarified that both the standard edition and gold edition of the game are now available for pre-order. The gold edition comes with a season pass, giving you access to all the upcoming content – including outfits at no extra cost. Steep is out on PC, PS4 and the Xbox on December 2nd 2016.

Source: VG247

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