Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival Gets A Major Patch To Address Issues

When Dino Dini’s Kick Off Revival was reviewed by TC it got a right good kicking. Basic elements of what was expected from a football game were missing entirely, and at the time the reason given for the shoddy release was so the window of opportunity created by Euro 2016 wasn’t missed. Now a patch has been released to fix some of the glaring issues, and to entice players the game has been given a 40% discount.

The items included in the patch are below, though it reads like a feature list of things that should be in a game by launch.


General refinements and fixes
Audio Options
AI Difficulty Option (offline)
Keeper Difficulty Option (offline)
Improved SFX including crowd
Goal keeper improvements
Control of goalkeeper
AI improvements
Localisation French, Italian, German ,Spanish ,Portuguese ,Dutch
Set kick practice
Tactics change on right stick at any time
Wall deflections
Wall animations
Referee plays advantage
Yellow / Red cards
Offside mitigation: Players try to stay on side
Penalty shootout mode
Action replay of last goal
New practice exercises
Display of network lag in netplay
Request friendly match option in netplay
Silver trophy for winning the euro cup
Fix to team formations and player assignments
Referee names from the community

The studio is working on the Vita version of the game too, and is planning to launch it alongside the North American PS4 release.

Source: Press Release

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