Battlefield 4 Gets A Nice New User Interface On Console

Don’t ever let it be said that Battlefield 4 wasn’t supported by DICE. The game launched in a bit of a state on PS4 and XBO, and needed months of loving care and attention to get its 64 player battles up to snuff, all the while with a steady stream of DLC expansions as part of the Premium season pass. And then they continued to develop and improve the game, releasing a major overhaul of the net code, creating a separate Community Test Environment to try out new ideas, and creating a handful of new maps in the process.

Battlefield 4 has been given a lot of love, but with Battlefield 1’s release on the horizon, it feels like this week’s patch might be one last hurrah for the game’s development. In fact, the main point of this ~3.5GB patch for PS4 and XBO is to overhaul the user interface in the game and bring it more in line with what we’ll see in Battlefield 1.

There’s also some updates to Squads that aim to make spawning on your squadmates a smoother experience and a recommendation engine that suggests maps and modes for you to play.


Source: Battlefield


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