Obsidian’s Tyranny Consumes The World On 10th November

After their return to the classically styled cRPG genre last year with Pillars of Eternity, Obsidian have turned to the dark side. Their next RPG is Tyranny, and it’s coming out on 10th November for PC, Mac and Linux.

Fascinatingly, this is a world where evil has won over good. Kyros’ armies have swept across the globe, and his empire is now all consuming. Within this world, you are a Fatebinder, a judge, jury and executioner rolled into one, who travels across the empire ensuring that the rule of Kyros’ tyrannical law is enforced. How strictly you enforce it, how you act in his name and the consequences that this has is up to you, with the game featuring a non-linear story.

So yeah, you’re a bad guy, but maybe you won’t be so bad as the other bad guys…

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