Tethered Will Release On October 25th For PSVR

Secret Sorcery has confirmed that its tactical god game Tethered will be released on October 25th for PSVR, and it currently is available to pre-order through the PlayStation Store at £19.99 for Plus subscribers. The regular price of Tethered is £24.99. In the game players must help the Peeps build up their society so Spirit Guardians can be freed from their prisons. The world has been overrun by evil beings and the guardians are needed to keep the Peeps safe. During the day you’ll need to help build up society, while at night it needs to be defending from invading monsters.

Dom wrote a preview for Tethered which can be read here, where there is discussion of the different jobs Peeps can be assigned and how the gameplay works in general.

Source: PS Blog

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