Destiny’s Festival Of The Lost Begins On October 26th

Bungie is once again getting into the Halloween spirit this year with Destiny. The studio has announced that the Festival Of The Lost, which commemorates the spirits of the dead Guardians. will be running from October 26th to November 9th. The fortnight long event will allow players to hunt for 16 new masks which are found through Eva Levante’s quests. Wearing the masks while competing challenges and quests will net extra rewards. There are Rare and Legendary mask types, with the former only being available to wear during the event while the latter can be kept forever.


Dismantling Legendary masks will give you Paper Glue which can be used to upgrade Rare masks into legendary. As is tradition you’ll also be able to collect candy which will give Guardians temporary buffs. Once the Festival of the Lost ends these candies will no longer work. There will be some new dance emotes available to purchase during the event too. Taken King owners will get access to a new map called Cathedral Of Dusk, which will stay in rotation after the festival concludes.

Source: Bungie

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