Free To Play Title Games Of Glory Coming To PS4 In Early 2017

Lightbulb Crew has confirmed that it will be releasing its free to play top down team shooter Games of Glory on PS4 in early 2017 alongside the Steam release. What’s more is that Games of Glory will support cross platform play too. The game has been in development for over two years and did release as an Early Access title on Steam but Lightbulb have made a number of changes to the game in that time.


The question of balance between the two platforms was answered by the devs on Game of Glory’s dev blog too.

Certain games are by their nature pretty much impossible to make cross-playable, especially first- and third person shooters and RTS. This is due to the fact that the fundamental game mechanics and controls give an advantage to the ability to point with the mouse, much faster and accurate than with a stick. With Games of Glory we avoid this by making everything directional.

There is no situation when you select a specific character or position. Another of Games of Glory’s qualities is its adaptation to twin stick with moving and strafing. This is arguable more ergonomically easy using twin sticks rather than mouse and keyboard. Our goal was for things to feel natural. Players move with one stick and aim with the other.

The developers went onto say that they had professional League of Legends and Halo players come in to test the balance over a couple of weeks, and tweaked the game using their feedback. Lightbulb is also committed to keeping Games of Glory a free to play title where no money is required in order to compete. There will be a number of content updates which will include additional characters, and a perks system. Lightbulb will be at PlayStation Experience to show a live demo of the game too.

Source: Lightbulb Crew

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