Nintendo Announce Fire Emblem Heroes For Mobile

The dedicated Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct featured the reveal of the Japanese giant’s second foray into games for mobile with Fire Emblem Heroes. A tactical RPG that draws on the series’ legacy, the game is set to debut on the 2nd of February for Android, with an iOS version due soon after.

Fire Emblem Heroes will feature a brand new storyline, where you take on the role of a summoner who is capable of summoning characters from across Fire Emblem’s storied timeline. As in the mainline entries you’ll level up your characters through combat, making them more powerful, though as a mobile title there’s the inevitable appearance of micro transactions that’ll help ease some of the game’s difficulty.

The game also features Hero Battles which are timed encounters where major characters appear. If you’re able to beat them in combat they’ll join your cause.

While we have to wait for the game to launch in February, Nintendo have launched Choose Your Legends where fans can vote for their favourite series character, with the most popular getting a guaranteed place in Heroes’ roster.

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