Go On A Gunslinging Tour Of Ancient Egypt With Immortal Redneck

Crema Games has announced a first person shooter today called Immortal Redneck, which tranports players to ancient Egypt to destory various creatures with guns. It does look a bit Serious Sam like with waves of enemies coming for you while you can use a number of different weapons to destroy them. The game will be available on PC, Mac and Linux in Spring, while a PS4 and Xbox One release will follow later this year.


The dungeons are procedurally generated and players can choose from one of nine different class types. There are skill trees too in which you can improve your character’s attributes, 50 weapons to pick up, 100 hundred modifiers that can change the rules or presentation of the game. The modes include history mode which is the main single player campaign, Twitch Quest which is made with streamers in mind, and Skill Rooms where platforming and dodging traps are the main focus.

Source: Press Release

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