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Mario Dumps Sonic For Mario Sports Superstars This March

Mario and Sonic’s sporting duels will remain the preserve of Olympic years, as the speedy hedgehog seemingly doesn’t count as enough of a “superstar” for Mario Sports Superstars. Announced in a Nintendo Direct back in September, it’s now heading for release on Nintendo 3DS on 10th March.

The game features five sports games that can be played in single player or in local and online multiplayer, with 11-a-side football, Golf and Tennis courtesy of Mario Golf and Mario Tennis develop Camelot Software Planning, Baseball and then, in a bizarre twist, Horse Racing, complete with collecting carrots and using a Star Dash technique to blaze a path to the front. Horses also mean you have a Stable Mode where you can pet, feed and groom your horse, building a special bond with your equine friend.

You can play with eighteen characters, and the game also has support for a special series of Mario Sport Superstars amiibo cards, with five for each character, offering up a special more powerful variant for each sport. First print run copies of the game will have a little sticker on the packaging noting that it includes one random amiibo card from the collection. This would be a lie falsehood alternative fact, were it not for the actual fact that first print run copies of the game will actually include a randomly selected amiibo card.

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