Puzzle Platformer Shift Happens Releases On February 22nd For PC And Xbox One

Klonk Games has confirmed that its co-op puzzle platformer Shift Happens will be released for Xbox One and PC on February 22nd, with the PS4 release expected soon after. The two characters are Bismo and Plom who must work together to get through the levels. If you’re playing co-op then there will be 40 levels to get through while solo players will have that cut down to 30.


There are four different environments to travel through including a laboratory, forest, a canyon, and an ice cave. While working together is key there are moments where coins are up for grabs and you must decide whether to share them or cause an untimely end for your partner so you can grab all of them. The characters can change size as well with the smaller being able to jump bigger distances as well as higher, while the larger can push obstacles and throw the smaller blob.

Source: Press Release

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