Victor Vran Overkill Edition Announced, Adds Two New Adventures

Wired Productions has announced Victor Vran: Overkill Edition for PS4 and Xbox One, and this version will add two new bits of content in the form of Fractured Worlds and Motörhead: Through the Ages. Haemimont Games Victor Vran was originally confirmed for consoles a couple of months ago. It has been confirmed that those who own Victor Vran on PC already will have to purchase the new content individually. Players who opt for the standard version on console will have to do the same.


The Fractured Worlds content transports Victor Vran into a new dimension which is made up of fragments of various worlds. Motörhead: Through the Ages is a bit of a spinoff where Victor goes through the mythos of the band which revolves around Snaggletooth, who was placed by Lemmy to defend a dominion ruled by a harsh dictator. Something has happened and Snaggletooth has disappeared. This expansion was originally concocted in 2014 with the band having input into how the game would unfold.

You can read a preview and interview done by Stefan about the Motörhead expansion here, as well as watch a video about it.

Source: Press Release

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