Ys VIII, Tokyo Tattoo Girls, And Touhou Kobuto V Are Heading West

During the night NIS America held a press event to make some announcements about future projects that would be heading westwards for PS4 and Vita. Perhaps the biggest of these announcements was Ys VIII: Lacrimosa Of Dana , which will be coming to Europe and North America this year for PS4 and the Vita. The game will feature dual audio for both English and Japanese, with the in game text having options for either French or English. Adol finds himself shipwrecked on a cursed island and has to work out its mysteries. The game is expected in the Autumn.


Along with Ys VIII NIS America also confirmed that Tokyo Tattoo Girls would be out in the West for the Vita, though an exact time frame is to be confirmed. In this players have to choose a companion who will help defeat the Kumi which control Tokyo’s 23 wards. Upgrades are handled by giving the companion tattoos, each of which grants its own special ability.

NIS America also confirmed Touhou Kobuo V: Burst Battle will be released during the summer for PS4 and Vita, though the handheld version will be digital only. Much like the other Touhou games this is a mixture of fighting and bullet hell one on one fights.

Source: PS Blog

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