Sociable Soccer To Miss Q1 Release Window

Sociable Soccer, the not-quite follow up to Sensible Soccer, has hit a bit of a bump and will miss it’s Q1 2017 release date but will be out later this year.

“We haven’t posted for a while but we can assure you that we are hard at work with Sociable Soccer,” explains a blog post. “The game will be out sometime during 2017. We’ve had to change the Q1 release because we were expecting some more staff to join us the last months of 2016 but that didn’t happen so naturally progress didn’t go as fast as we wanted.”


In the past few months it’s also been revealed that Sociable Soccer will be playable in VR,  and as the game is meant to be coming to PS4 a PSVR version could be on the cards.

Source: SociableSoccer

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