[EXPIRED] Final Fantasy XV WAS £9.99 On PSN For PS Plus Subscribers

Final Fantasy XV, one of our favourite roleplaying games from 2016, is currently going for a tenner on the PlayStation Network.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence then now’s the time to strike. Shopping around, you can probably find a physical copy for £25, though nothing quite beats the 80% offered by PSN.

UPDATE 3: It appears this was a mistake by Sony after all as the offer has now been removed and the page can no longer be accessed.

UPDATE 2: Our mistake, the offer is still live, you just need to be signed in with a PlayStation Plus subscription in order to see this price, with it looking like Sony are kicking off another round of double discount offers on the store today.

There’s still the chance it’s been a bit of a mistake, so you might want to hurry…

UPDATE: You snooze you lose, the price has now increased to £29.99. Presumably someone pressed the wrong button and made a typo earlier.

Source: PlayStation Store

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  1. Definitely all finished now. Still showing as £9.99 but tried to add it to my basket – got the message “You are not eligible to purchase or download this content”

  2. Ok so i’ve purchased it but it’s blocked me from downloading but taken my £9.99. So now I’m going to have to mess about trying to get the money back. Great

  3. Deus Ex is £13.99.

    • Should be 3.99. Pile of rubbish.

      • Oh. I thought it was “flawed” rather than “gash”. Will avoid then.

  4. Several other things on sale too. The 3 Uncharted remasters for £12.99? Or £15.49 for UC4?
    The Order for £8.49?

    Last Guardian for £19.99? Ratchet & Clank for £12.99? And Gravity Rush 2 for £24.99.

    And a selection of discounts for Expensive Hat People.

  5. Have now managed to download it through my library. I suspect sony will remove it from people’s consoles and issue refunds. Fingers crossed though

    • Logged in and set it to download a couple of hours ago, didn’t pop up with any error messages so fingers crossed indeed.

      • Yep. I think there’s a good chance they’ll honour it, it’d be different if people got it for free. Although their t and c’s do state they have the right to revoke purchases id there’s been an error

  6. Just as well it’s been corrected, i didn’t particularly want it but the price was appealing :P

    • £29.99 now.

      Aye, my “not buying any more games unless i really, REALLY want them” vow was broken this morning!

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