ARMS Releases For Nintendo Switch On 16th June

Nintendo are keeping the Switch ticking over this summer with their cartoonish boxing game, ARMS coming to the console on 16th June. A lengthy demonstration of the game in the heart of tonight’s Nintendo Direct showed off a lot of new things for the game, as well as covering a lot of the basics.


You can pick from a variety of characters, each of which has a specific ability, such as Spring Man’s block counter and newly announced character Min Min – AKA Ramen Girl – having a jumping kick block.

Taking them into battle, you then pick two arms from a wide catalogue, whether it’s Min Min’s dragon arm or Ram Ram spinning ring arm. Each arm can have an elemental effect from Fire, Electric, Ice, Explosion, Stun, Blind and Wind, which is activated when charged up. in battle, individual arms can be damaged and made inoperable for a short period of time, if they’re forced to block incoming attacks too often.

How you unlock new arms is through single player minigames from the Arms League, unlocking them in the Get Arms Service. On the other end of the scale, a frantic looking 2v2 multiplayer mode was also announced.

Rounding out the Arms announcements, there’s neon yellow Joy-Con on the way to go alongside the game.

Head here for our impressions of the game from back in January.

Source: Nintendo Direct

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