Watch Some Ogres Get Dismembered In Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage Of Extinction

A couple of weeks ago Iron Galaxy and Maximum Games revealed Extinction, the seemingly Attack On Titan inspired game that feature giant ogres instead of the giant humans found in the anime. The trailer gave away some details but didn’t show gameplay. Today though some new footage has appeared showing the main character Avii taking on the ogres and their armies of minions.


The main focus of the footage is the combat and it shows Avii’s attack from regular ones to more powerful rune strikes. The real meat is when he faces off against ogres as they cause havoc in the fully destructible environments. Ogres wear armour, with different types having different strengths, that has to be destroyed before Avii can hack off a limb. After a limbs are hacked off Avii has limited time before that appendage regenerates to hack off the ogre’s head. It is a dangerous task though as one hit from a giant ogre will result in death.

Extinction is expected in 2018 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: YouTube

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