Visceral’s Star Wars Game’s Main Character May Be Nicknamed Dodger And May Use A Lightwhip

There hasn’t been much word released regarding Visceral Games’ Star Wars project, which is being directed by former Uncharted head writer and creative director Amy Hennig. We’ve seen a glimpse of a man emerging from a small abode into a world where the Imperial flag is present along with Star Destroyers in the sky, but his identity has remained a mystery.


That may be until now that is. The website Making Star Wars claims to have information regarding this mysterious figure, his background, and during which era the game is set. The first main piece of information is that the main character is nicknamed Dodger, with this name coming about for dodging an Imperial military draft, and is a native of Alderaan. His voice actor is apparently Todd Stashwick, who is already officially tied to the project. The story apparently takes place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, meaning Dodger doesn’t have a home to return and instead is on a most wanted list for Alderaan survivors.

Dodger is also well connected in the criminal underside of the Star Wars universe, becoming a bit of a rogue due to that lifestyle by fighting and talking fast. Similar in a way it seems to a certain Han Solo. What is also being rumoured is the weaponry that Dodger carries, with his main melee weapon being a lightwhip and a pistol as the other weapon.

Of course this is all rumour at the moment, so as always take with a pinch of salt.

Source: MakingStarWars

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